Zoo Resort 3D [ 3DS CIA ]

Zoo Resort 3D

Zoo Resort 3D

Zoo Resort 3D

Players a remarkably fun and realistic zoo management experience, thanks to the capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS. Players will strive to build a world-class zoo destination by choosing their animals, building their habitats and training their animals to attract more guests to their park. Players can watch and virtually touch the animals as they practically jump off the screen, showing off their personality and skills. Plus, with more than 100 creatures, each with their own realistic 3D effects, movements and noises, Zoo Resort 3D Mania offers more than any other handheld zoo simulation game. As players progress in the game, they unlock more and more realistically rendered 3D animals to collect and discover. The rarer the animal, the more traffic the zoo will receive. Additionally, players can use the Nintendo 3DS gyro sensor to capture their animals’ talents as if the handheld were a video camera. The better shots the player captures, the more positive feedback they will get from their audience and the more successful their zoo will become.

Zoo Resort 3D

After looking at the box art you’d be forgiven for thinking Zoo Resort 3D was a cutesy zoo management sim; in fact, you’ll find it’s the complete opposite. With a realistic aesthetic and set of mechanics that sets it apart from simulation titles in general, it certainly provides a unique experience on 3DS. Moreover it’s actually entertaining, to begin with at least. As the grandchild of a recently deceased zoo keeper you inherit a small zoo and are encouraged to restore it back to its former glory, introducing more animals and promoting the zoo online through a blog. It’s a very simple narrative that serves merely as the initial driving force; the meat of the game is through your management of the zoo, making whichever choices you see fit to improve it.


Release Date : October 25, 2011
Publisher : Ubisoft
Developer : AQ Interactive
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 374MB


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