Zero Time Dilemma PSVITA VPK

Zero Time Dilemma PSVITA VPK

Zero Time Dilemma PSVITA VPK

Zero Time Dilemma PSVITA VPK

Longtime fans of the series know what to expect from a Zero Escape game: what looks like a simple puzzle and visual novel game soon turns into a complex story featuring mind-boggling concepts like telepathic communication and alternate realities. This time around, nine participants of a Mars test colony are kidnapped by a mysterious figure known as Zero and forced to play the Decision Game. Six of the nine characters must die in order for anyone to escape the facility, and this kind of pressure pushed relationships, trust, and compassion to the forefront and had me invested in the characters and their situations. Your progression through Zero Time Dilemma PSVITA VPK follows a repeated formula known as a Fragment, consisting of a cutscene between characters first, then an Escape the Room segment, and finally a decision that will split the timeline you are currently pursuing.

Zero Time Dilemma PSVITA VPK

At first the new fragments system, which makes you play parts of the story in a random order, felt confusing and out of place. Ultimately though, it made for a more interesting form of storytelling as you piece everything together with the handy timeline chart. The nine characters are split into teams of three and each group is separated from the others, allowing for closer interactions between characters. This, however, comes at a cost: new characters like Mira and Eric have little interaction with older, returning ones.  Escape the Room segments add a nice break between the lengthy cutscenes and decision sections scattered about Zero Time Dilemma PSVITA VPK . There’s a palpable sense of discovery as you scavenge for clues and items to guide you towards your next step. Puzzles are still mostly self contained and are simply a means to unlocking something within the room, but they are a highlight: ranging from simple challenges like aligning all the correct sides of a 3D object to harder puzzles that ask you to decipher a hidden message using playing cards. The biggest change comes in the rooms themselves as some are more interactive than ever. One asks you to rotate three different portions of the room in order for the puzzle sections to become visible.


Release Date : June 28, 2016
Publisher : Aksys Games
Developer : Chunsoft
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 884MB





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