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Young Justice Legacy

Young Justice Legacy

Young Justice Legacy

Fans can look forward to an original storyline set in between Seasons 1 and 2 of the television series, written in collaboration with show writers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti. The game is packed with fan favorite playable characters, cameo appearances by popular Justice League heroes and villains, and includes online multiplayer as well as local multiplayer modes. Young Justice Legacy Welcome to Young Justice: Legacy, where the mechanics don’t work and “play” doesn’t matter. The game purports to be a strategic turn-based experience but accomplishes nothing more than being a horrendous nightmare. It is astonishingly incompetent in every field. Its gameplay, engine, animations, and entertainment value are among the worst in class. Its technical shortcomings are unbelievable dropping our jaws to the floor with such speed that our chins cracked the Earth’s crust and its gameplay so mind-numbingly basic that our brains actively rejected it. Young Justice is one of the worst technical offenders the retail channel has seen since Superman on the Nintendo 64 cursed the world with its Fog Plague. At least that game had the sense to bake in its technical crappery into the fiction, even if its so-called “kryptonite fog” is one of the worst narrative justifications possible for that developer’s inability to render the most basic of scenery.

Young Justice Legacy

As a ‘strategy’ ‘game’, Young Justice is heavily dependent on menus to get anything done. Young Justice Legacy These menus are death traps for your sense of joy: they are unintuitive, obscure vital information, and nest so deeply that the simplest tasks require taps upon taps upon taps of the A button. It drags the pace of the game down but certainly accelerates the speed at which your 3DS will fly through your window. Want to move a character? OK, well, you need to select the option from the menu and press A, move the cursor to where you want the character to go on the field and press A, decide which direction you want the character to then face (which is not only entirely trivial but defaults to the direction of the nearest enemy) and press A, and then end your turn by pressing A. That’s four button presses just to move heaven forbid you want to do anything else during your turn. The overzealous button pressing and drip-slow animations cause the speed at which the game moves to be, to put it lightly, slow. We’re no doctors, but we reckon that in the time it takes to move a character five steps you can enter a coma, have a coma, and then awake from the coma before they arrive at their destination. Once there, you have to wrangle the satanic menus to attack, or defend, or what have you.


Release Date : November 19, 2013
Publisher : Little Orbit
Developer : Freedom Factory
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 122MB


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