Yo Kai Watch 2 Fleshy Souls [ 3ds Decrypted Roms ]

Yo Kai Watch 2 Fleshy Souls

Yo Kai Watch 2 Fleshy Souls

Yo Kai Watch 2 Fleshy Souls

Returns with a Pokemon-style set of dual sequels and one journey that aims to deepen the series’ lore while retaining its quirky charms. And while Fleshy Souls and Bony Spirits certainly succeed in that regard, they reuse both the same boring battle system and they both open with an unnecessary retread of the first Yo-kai Watch’s plot. Though this sequel certainly adds plenty to the overall experience, it never really takes any steps to fix the gameplay issues that hampered its predecessor. Splitting the sequel into two games with only minor differences (like unique Yo-kai to collect in each version) reflects a civil war going on in the world of the Yo Kai Watch 2 Fleshy Souls. Unfortunately, though the opening foreshadows that battle with an argument over doughnuts — yes, pastries are the crux of the conflict — the actual fight doesn’t kick off until late in the 17-hour main campaign. Even then, the battle is over so quickly it made me question why the two factions were deserving of the title spots.

Yo Kai Watch 2 Fleshy Souls

Yo kai Watch 2 Fleshy Souls also expands on the literal world of the series, not just its mythology. New areas around Springdale are now open to explore, accessible via train or eventually by a teleportation Yo-kai. The fresh locations outside of the first game’s main town, both in the present and the past, offer some much-needed variety with seasides, forests, and other bustling city spots. Unfortunately, navigating around the world by train is a monotonous pain until you discover all of the teleportation locations. Yo-kai Watch 2’s missions are initially amusing thanks to the bubbly writing. The sequel lives up to the series’ penchant for style in both in its visuals and characterizations — from the transitions in and out of battle to the individual Yo-kai animations, Yo-Kai Watch 2’s world is a continually charming one.


Release Date : July 10, 2014
Publisher : Level-5
Developer : Level-5
Region : USA
File Type :
3DS Decrypted Roms
RAR File Size : 1.43GB


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