Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [SWITCH XCI]

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Switch won’t disappoint series fans, especially those that love the Wii original (or even experienced it on New 3DS). It’s a new cast and world, with some fresh mechanics and ideas, but much is still familiar. The story has high points, the world and its varied Titan lands is intriguing, and it draws you in for many dozens of hours.It feels like one of the biggest docked / portable gulfs yet on the Switch, and combining the busy action with a dipped resolution and occasional framerate drops can be a tad underwhelming on the portable. Out of necessity to hit a deadline we played a decent amount on the handheld and it was still enjoyable, but the game is truly at home when docked and treated as a home console experience. Another factor is time – as mentioned above this is a game full of lengthy battles and cutscenes, which are more suited to quiet time at home than a quick bit of gaming on the go; nevertheless, you can pop your system into sleep with the game still running if you’re keen to keep your place.Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is just that, though Monolith Soft has maintained its standards without making a notable leap forward – it feels like the true Xenoblade peak is yet to come.
It’s Monolith Soft doing what it does best, albeit without shaking off the occasional flaws of the series. It’s ultimately an important part of an incredible launch year for the Switch – a reminder that while system concepts change some things are constant. This is another Xenoblade gem, and a must-have for the most dedicated of adventurers.


Release Date : 1st Dec 2017
Publisher :  Nintendo
Developer :  Monolith Soft
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPGr
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 13.4 GB


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