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The official 2015 FIA World Rally Championship (WRC 5) game. The FIA World Rally Championship (WRC ) pits drivers and production-based cars against some of the toughest and most varied conditions on the planet. The roads on this epic motorsport adventure are spread across 14 countries, with 13 rallies on everything from snow packed forest tracks to rock-strewn mountain passes. WRC 5 will take you all over the world. Do you have what it takes to master the art of driving? It’s been a while since I posted my First Impressions article about this game. The reason: I was waiting for a patch to fix some of the audio and graphics issues I had with the game. I was hopeful. I was naive. I am, alas, disappointed. The main problem is that I really want to like this game: I am a motorsports fan. I know about cars. I watched and re-watched all of the episodes of Top Gear (UK only, thanks). I love driving. I love engines. I love rally, and rally games.


Let’s start with the good: the mechanics are spot on. If you’re a rally game fan, you can feel the heritage of games like Colin McRae Rally and even Sega Rally in WRC 5. You can change the realism if you want something a bit more “sim-like”, but if you want arcade rally gaming, it’s here in all its glory. The “rally simulation” setting adds a lot of realism, but takes away the fun. Instead of easily oversteering, you need to steer with your throttle on most cars. Oversteer is everywhere. If you play with arcade settings, though, it’s glorious oversteer, specially lift-off oversteer and four-wheel drifting. Another good thing is the amount of content: I don’t mind that it doesn’t really have multiplayer (other than “ghost mode”). Rally games (and real-life rally) are solo experiences by nature. If you’re expecting something like Need for Speed or Grand Theft Auto, even, you’re out of luck. The solo modes, though, are fantastic: the career mode specially, as it has a plethora of tracks from all over the world, including some that are out of commission.


Release Date : October 13, 2015
Publisher : BigBen Interactive
Developer : Kylotonn
Region : EUR
File Type :
RAR File Size : 2.81GB





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