Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap [SWITCH XCI]

Wonder Boy The Dragon's Trap

Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap stands up when set against modern takes on the same non-linear format; while it lacks the deep NPC interaction seen in later Wonder Boy games and doesn’t have as much variety in its environments, it’s a much tighter experience all-round. The biggest problem is the brevity of the challenge; while there are plenty of secrets to find dotted around Monster Land, completing the game doesn’t take all that long – even a player who has no knowledge of the Master System original should comfortably finish The Dragon’s Trap in around five to six hours. Once you’ve battled your way through the game once and acquired all of the possible gear there’s little reason to do it a second time, unless of course you want to see what everything looks like in its original 8-bit form (or play as Wonder Girl, newly introduced for this remake).While Lizardcube has wisely kept the basics the same, the changes it has made elsewhere enhance the experience massively. The gorgeous hand-drawn visuals are a joy to behold, boasting silky-smooth and highly expressive animation as well as rich, detailed backgrounds. In many ways this facelift fills in the gaps that were a consequence of the original game running on modest 8-bit hardware; sprites which were once just a few pixels high are now stunning rendered in crisp high definition and are bursting with emotion and character, while the locations which left so much to the imagination in 1989 and often featured entirely blank backgrounds are packed with new imagery and environmental details. Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap initially feels like a typical action platform title, with the player jumping and attacking their way through a fantasy landscape in the game’s opening section, which takes place immediately after the events of its forerunner, Wonder Boy in Monster Land.


Release Date : 18th Apr 2017
Publisher :  DotEmu
Developer :  Lizardcube
Genre: Action, Adventure, Platformer
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 1.25 GB


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