Winx Club Saving Alfea [ 3DS ROMS ]

Winx Club Saving Alfea

Winx Club Saving Alfea

Winx Club Saving Alfea

Join the Winx as they prepare Alfea for its upcoming Anniversary Party! Calling on their magical powers, the Winx transform into their magnificent fairies which can soar high, Winx Club Saving Alfea cast spells and dash about. Players can switch between the Winx’ human forms and their fairy forms to access areas unique to each! A puzzle-action game featuring all the fairies using their own unique set of abilities and powers to get ready for the Anniversary and save the party from Selina and her Legendarium.

Winx Club Saving Alfea

The odds are if you have a young daughter, you’ll at least have heard of the Winx Club, a cartoon series that follows the happenings in the magical dimension of Magix. Following the adventures of six school friends as they discover new fairy transformations and powers, battle evil, and help their friend Bloom lean more about her origins, with ten years, 104 episodes, several films and even its own musical under its belt, the Italian animated series has been quite a success – and as with every success, it’s even spawned a number of games, with the latest handheld adventure, Winx Club Saving Alfea, arriving just in time for Christmas. The story starts with the girls – the titular Winx Club – planning a party for the anniversary of the magical fairy school they all attend, Alfea. Of course, parties require a fair bit of preparation, and they need your help in rounding up the necessary bits and pieces, by completing puzzley 2D platform levels to hunt down balloons, flowers, dresses and other assorted bits and pieces. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse when the meddling witch Selina turns up, who uses the power of her new Siphonix Talisman to unleash a whole load of creatures from within the magical Legendarium book. So, as always, it’s up to the Winx to take out her hordes, destroy the talisman and save the day, making sure the school’s celebration isn’t ruined.


Release Date : November 13, 2014
Publisher : Little Orbit
Developer : Little Orbit
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 77MB


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