Wii U loadiine Game Collection



love to play video games especially old retro games.

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  1. AvatarAngelo De Girolamo says:

    What it mean “JP” at the end of the games titles?

  2. AvatarBob says:

    Terraria is a dead end link.

  3. AvatarGagerii says:

    Hi! How to build a game if it is of several parts, P1, P2, P3…?

  4. AvatarRicardo says:

    de casualidad no tendran el juego de bayonetta 1 y 2 usa en partes o 1link google drive por favor

  5. AvatarMaxbeta says:

    Can I request Pier Solar & the Great Architects?

  6. AvatarLuis says:

    Tekken tag crash the console

  7. AvatarShiftedadrian says:

    Breath of the wild link isn’t working

  8. Avatarlex says:

    what region is yoshis woolly world?

  9. AvatarSoxFteve says:

    where to report dead links? smash bros wii u is dead

  10. AvatarIzzuddin says:

    There’s no fix for Cars 3? It keeps crashing.

  11. Avatarbintiez says:

    Super Smash Bros Wii U + Update + DLC
    link is dead, thanks

  12. Avatarn1dminhd says:

    Please ! Upload “Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 ”
    Thanks !

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