A W Phoenix Festa [PSVITA VPK]

A W Phoenix Festa PSVITA VPK

A W Phoenix Festa PSVITA VPK

A W Phoenix Festa PSVITA VPK

A W Phoenix Festa PSVITA VPK is an RPG based on the anime series The Asterisk War. In the story, a catastrophic event known as the Invertia has lead to the destruction of many large cities on Earth. In order to recover from the devastation, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation is formed and cities are reorganized including one city called Rikka, also known as Asterisk. Within Asterisk, six academies hold tournaments called “Festas” pitting students from each academy against each other.

A W Phoenix Festa PSVITA VPK

A W Phoenix Festa PSVITA VPK combines dating sim mechanics and combat in one game and features its own original storyline carved from the light novel series. The game will let fans experience a true love adventure with numerous endings. A.W. : Phoenix Festa will also offer players various options to enhance relationships between their favorite characters which can be influenced through battles and conversations with non-playable characters (NPCs). Players may start the game as main character Ayato or an original character and go about daily school life by making friends and competing in the “Phoenix Festa” tournament. Players also train themselves in order to increase their combat abilities as they prepare to participate in the “Phoenix Festa” tournament with their favorite characters. n this action RPG game, play the events of The Asterisk War animation series! Live the life of hero Ayato Amagiri and experience Rikka Academy and the Phoenix Festa storyline. Players will go through simulated high school experiences while fighting in over the top tournaments. Create your own original character or play as the series hero Ayato Amagiri with superhuman powers and abilities. Develop original characters going through the ups and downs of a high school student. Exciting tag team battles with different power effects. Battle together in local multiplayer mode. Colorful anime visuals bring the series to life.


Release Date : July 26, 2016
Publisher : BANDAI NAMCO
Developer : APLUS Co Ltd
Region : EUR
File Type :
RAR File Size : 620MB







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