Virtues Last Reward PSVITA VPK

Virtues Last Reward PSVITA VPK

Virtues Last Reward PSVITA VPK

Virtues Last Reward PSVITA VPK

Taking place in the not-so-distant future, Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward PSVITA VPK puts you in the role of Sigma, a young man who’s removed from his normal life and forced to take part in the ‘Nonary Game’ – a sick and twisted creation that ponders whether you’re willing to betray in order to survive. Virtue’s Last Reward is essentially a blend of visual novel and puzzle, with the latter presenting itself almost as soon as the game begins. It’s immediately apparent that these aren’t your typical newspaper conundrums, though, as the head-scratchers form around one main theme: escape. Whether it’s exiting an elevator that’s about to smash into the ground, or escaping an eerie, abandoned warehouse, you must utilise your surroundings effectively in order to find a way out.

Virtues Last Reward PSVITA VPK

The puzzles, like the game itself, are unique and incredibly engaging. While you’re always making use of somewhat mundane objects, these sections are frighteningly tense. This is partly due to the game’s cramped, dank interiors that give a claustrophobic vibe, but it’s mostly due to the inherent dangers of being subject to Zero, the game’s antagonist, and the mastermind behind the aforementioned Nonary Game. It’s not just Sigma who’s being forced to bend to Zero’s rules, either. Virtue’s Last Reward features a rich and diverse cast of characters, all of which are stuck in the same predicament. Escaping Zero’s insanity requires the players of the Nonary Game to rack up points, which are tracked through a watch-like device securely fixed to each character’s wrist. When someone manages to collect 9 points, freedom is theirs for the taking. Keep losing points until the counter hits 0, however, and they’ll be killed. Virtues Last Reward PSVITA VPK It’s not a completely original scenario, but this base concept holds the game’s plot together perfectly.


Release Date : October 23 , 2012
Publisher : Aksys Games
Developer : ChunSoft
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 1.1GB





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