Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition [ PSVITA VPK ]

Virtua Tennis 4

Virtua Tennis 4

Virtua Tennis 4

SEGA’s entry into the Vita ring brings its hit tennis game to handhelds. Seems like an odd choice for the first Vita game from SEGA, but hey, Virtua Tennis’ arcade tennis style is a good fit for the handheld. Between the two major tennis games, Virtua Tennis was always the more arcade style game, while Top Spin was a more traditional tennis sim. Virtua Tennis 4 stays true to its roots. It’s got a wacky, over-the-top feel, and there is more of a focus on exciting tennis action and less on stats and attributes.

Virtua Tennis 4

Virtua Tennis 4 plays really well. The controls are tight, the animations are good, and the game has a great difficulty progression. The opponents feel unique and require different strategies to defeat. It’s satisfying to hit a smash and watch the other guy dive for it. Not gonna lie, I yelled obscenities both in anger and joy during the final, most difficult tournament, and that’s how a high energy, emotional game like tennis should feel. The biggest problem with Virtua Tennis 4 is that it feels like I’ve played all this before. Not only because I literally played this before when it was out on PS3, but also because the series hasn’t changed much. The meat of the game doesn’t feel different than Virtua Tennis 3. It’s nearly all the same players, and the mechanics are identical. Not that there’s a lot that can be improved in a tennis game (it’s essentially a glorified Pong), but it’s hard to get excited for a game I’ve played already. Virtua Tennis 4 isn’t all a rehash, but the new features don’t add a lot to the experience. The World Tour is now a bizarre board game, adding a level of randomness to the career. While it certainly keeps things interesting, it does little more than add a sense of frustration whenever I couldn’t play a tournament or mini-game when I wanted to because the game forced me to move in random intervals on the game board.


Release Date : February 14, 2012
Publisher : SEGA
Developer : SEGA
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 1.22GB


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