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Velocity 2X

Velocity 2X

Velocity 2X

Weaving together two classic game formats into one seamless experience, Velocity 2X features platforming action alongside the award winning top-down shoot ‘em-up game play.While whizzing through the same level for the tenth time, trying to grab every rescue pod, and destroy every enemy while keeping the accelerator pinned, it dawned on me. Velocitys 2X is the best Sonic game to come out in two decades. Much like the Blue Blur once did, Velocity 2X takes an established genre and injects it with equal parts speed and ingenuity. It skillfully uses its well-thought-out mechanics to lay out a clear path to mastery, and walking it gave me a near-constant sense of gratification.

Velocity 2X

Velocity 2Xs is both a vertically scrolling shmup and a side-scrolling action-platformer where you blow up nearly everything you can’t pick up, and speed is the highest virtue in the land. Like its predecessor, it disguises itself as a traditional vert-scroller, but once you’re tele-dashing into the heart of enemy formations and slinging smart bombs in every-which direction with the right stick, any feelings of familiarity will dissipate. Along with its near-constant focus on speed, these elements make Velocity 2X far more dynamic than your garden variety space shooter. Velocity Ultra veterans will have an easy time slipping back into the cockpit of the Quarp Jet. Everything was right where I left it, as were the responsive controls. I hadn’t in any way expected the new on-foot side-scrolling sections to match that level of fluidity, but somehow, developer FuturLab did it. Thanks to the mirroring of key functions from the vertical sections, like boosting and tele-dashing, the platforming sections feel like solving a new set of problems with a pleasantly familiar box of tools.


Release Date : September 2, 2014
Publisher : Futurlab
Developer : Futurlab
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 780MB







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