Turbo Super Stunt Squad [ 3DS CIA ]

Turbo Super Stunt Squad

Turbo Super Stunt Squad

Turbo Super Stunt Squad

A high-velocity action game featuring the super-charged crew of characters from the upcoming film. Each playable character has their own signature street style and tricked-out skills which will come in handy when showing-off and earning respect with super-cool stunt moves. Expert skills will also prove useful to earn power-ups, customize your character, win competitive challenges and discover shortcuts in the dynamic larger-than-life environments of Turbo’s world. Based on the movie from DreamWorks Animation about a garden snail who longs to become the fastest racer in the world, Turbo Super Stunt Squad for 3DS is yet another licensed title that suffers from a lack of working controls, solid visuals and compelling gameplay. While D3Publisher and developer Torus Games have the right idea what better way to adapt a movie about racing snails than to create a Mario Kart clone? the experience falls flat in too many areas to recommend at full price to anyone other than non-critical kids, who will enjoy it for a few hours after seeing the film.

Turbo Super Stunt Squad

Turbo Super Stunt Squad is structured like Mario Kart or any other kart racer, but without any context. Anyone playing the game who hasn’t seen the film won’t get much here, as there is no story mode to be found; character biographies or profiles would have been nice, at the very least. There are very few characters to choose from, so a little background would have gone a long way, especially since the only bits of personality we get from the snails come from annoying, frequently repeated one-liners that make little sense. The presentation is poor across the board. The visuals suffer from bland colours and a lack of attention to detail, and when there are more than two things happening at the same time on-screen the frame-rate suffers from slowdown, which is unacceptable given how bland and dull the graphics are. The 3D effect, meanwhile, is best turned off; it’s nowhere to be found when going through menus between races, and gives the tracks very little depth during the action. As for the music the generic racer fare makes for forgettable listening.


Release Date : July 16, 2013
Publisher : D3 Publisher
Developer : Torus Games
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 82MB





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