Troll and I [SWITCH XCI]

Troll and I

Troll and I It’s in these pockets where the promise of Troll and I peeks though, although they are few and far between. What makes it a true travesty is that the crafting system is rather pointless, as the different weapons don’t do much beyond having more damage attached to them or having colour-specific spear tips to destroy blockages; the game’s rules have little coherence, as the Troll should just be able to smash through these obstacles.At points these shortcoming can be overcome with the right state of mind, but they add up. Between this and the sheer buggy nature of the experience (including a game-halting one that forces you to hard reset your Switch) it’d be surprising if people can look past it all.
You can play Troll and I cooperatively if you so choose, but splitting the screen makes an already rough experience even more jittery, and there are never moments where you need to use both characters in tandem that would make co-op truly worthwhile. You’ll still have to slowly use Troll to help Otto travail the terrain in order to open paths large enough for Troll to climb through. Again, this sounds like a great concept in theory, but it is hampered For every intriguing idea that Troll and I presents, there are a couple of design choices or technical issues that will aggravate players. It’s ugly, clunky and bereft of certain amenities that players take for granted in this day and age. With so many games out to garner people’s attention, Troll and I isn’t as user friendly or quickly appealing as it needs to be in a flooded space.


Release Date : 15th Aug 2017
Publisher :  Maximum Games
Developer :  Spiral House
Genre: Action, Adventure
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 6.7 GB


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