The Trash Pack [ 3DS CIA ]

The Trash Pack

The Trash Pack

The Trash Pack

Are you a fan of the Trash Pack toyline? Your answer to that question dictates whether or not you’ll find anything of value in The Trash Pack for 3DS, as there’s nothing noteworthy about this release apart from its connection to that franchise. The Trash Packs forgoes story altogether and presents you, simply, with a menu. From this menu you can choose to play one of four mini-games, or look at your “Digital Poster.” That’s it. The Digital Poster simply tracks how many of the 179 characters you’ve unlocked. You unlock these characters by playing the mini-games and either collecting them in mystery boxes, or earning aluminum cans that are exchanged automatically for new characters.

The Trash Pack

One nice feature, we guess, is that you can mark on the Digital Poster which of these toys you own in real life. It’s a nice way of tracking them for insurance purposes, or so we like to tell ourselves. This means that the entire strength of the release rests upon these four mini-games, and, as you might guess, that’s a problem. The best of them is probably Trash Drop, in which your goal is to launch a character chosen at random from the lid of a trash can up to a crane, knocking the garbage it’s holding into a receptacle down below. It’s exactly as simple as it sounds, but once the cranes start moving you’ll need to pay a fair amount of attention to your timing and trajectory, making it easily the most involving game in the set. You launch your character by pressing A and then releasing it when the power gauge is as full as you’d like it to be, which gives you an idea of how simple the controls are.


Release Date : October 30, 2012
Publisher : Activision
Developer : Activision
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 19MB





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