Transformers Prime The Game [ 3DS ROMS ]

Transformers Prime The Game

Transformers Prime The Game

Transformers Prime The Game

Based on the hit animated TV series. Help Optimus Prime and the Autobots join forces with human friends Jack, Miko and Raf to save the Earth from Megatron and his new secret weapon. Play as one of your favorite Autobot characters including Bumblebee and Bulkhead as you battle through unique vistas around the world to help defeat the Decepticons. Continue the battle against your friends in Multiplayer Mode with 12 playable characters. Long-time Transformers Prime The Game fans have enjoyed a renaissance of sorts this console generation, with the Cybertron games offering a vision of the robots in disguise that those of us who grew up with the old cartoon could get behind in our capacity as grumpy old men. Keen to serve fans of all ages, Activision has turned its attention to the younger crowd with Transformers Prime, a Nintendo-exclusive title that draws on the universe of the eponymous show for a colourful bash-em-up. Slick and well produced, Prime has its heart in the right place and in many ways does justice to its source material as far as plot, writing and talent go, it might as well be a straight-to-Blu-ray episode of the show but with surface-deep design can’t satisfy skilled players on gameplay alone. Which in some ways is fine, because this game is just not meant for that crowd.

Transformers Prime The Game

Combat has a little more depth to it, but only just so: a mere three melee combos are available alongside a chargeable blaster and temporarily powering up, allowing a small degree of personality to what mostly amounts to bashing the A button (in the Wii version this is mapped to non-stop waggling, the only real difference between the two), throwing up the occasional shield and maybe ramming into someone in vehicle form. Transformers Prime The Game With no progression or unlockable attacks, combat plateaus early and doesn’t budge. The Autobots are quite powerful when a combo lands but it feels all too easy to get sucked into a loop of getting walloped. The slightest touch will tailspin you into an animation loop of falling down, where you can do virtually nothing until enemies stop hitting you as you slowly get back up, lending an air of frustration to melee combat even more so when enemies come at your bro(bot) from both near and far.


Release Date : October 30, 2012
Publisher : Activision
Developer : Now Production
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 736MB


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