Top Trumps NBA All Stars [ 3DS CIA ]

Top Trumps NBA All Stars

Top Trumps NBA All Strars

Top Trumps NBA All Stars

Ties two exciting and successful franchises together and brings them to both the Nintendo DS! The game replicates an entire NBA season, complete with the official teams, playoffs and All-Star game played through the medium of a card trading game. Like Top Trumps, the game plays out using cards with stats for each player. Top Trumps NBA All Stars Take turns picking a stat to beat the corresponding stat on your opponent’s card! Unlike a conventional game of Top Trumps the rules are tweaked to help replicate a real game of basketball rather than winning cards from your opponent, you rack up points to claim your place at the top!

Top Trumps NBA All Stars

The rules of Top Trumps NBA All Stars are simple. You and your opponent are given a deck (or team) of cards. Each card features an NBA player and statistics pertaining to his ability on the court, comprising Height, Points, Rebounds, Assists, Free, throws and Playoffs. Your goal is to have a higher number than your opposition in one of these categories on each turn, with victory moving an icon at the bottom of the screen further towards your rival’s side of the screen. Get all the way across and you score points; fail and the direction of play switches towards your end of the court. Top Trumps NBA All Stars Matches are timed in the same way as basketball, and a shot clock means you need to make decisions quickly. Victory comes through understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your deck, as well as second-guessing which card your opponent will draw next. You’ll need to know that the opposing team doesn’t have a player that can rival Shaquille O’Neal’s 214 Playoffs, or that at 7’2″ Roy Hibbert’s greatest asset is his height. You’ll also obtain power-ups that you can use to boost stats further, or reduce those of your opponent.


Release Date : August 10, 2012
Publisher : GMG Play
Developer : Ideas Pad
Region : USA | FREE
File Type :
RAR File Size : 19MB







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