Titan Attacks! [ PSVITA VPK ]

Titan Attacks!

Titan Attacks!

Titan Attacks!

A straight-up action game title inspired by classic space shooters from arcades, but with many modern features including a full ship upgrade system, Titan Attacks online leaderboards and stylish, neo-retro visuals. As the last surviving tank commander on Earth, single-handedly turn back the evil invading alien army, drive back the Titans across the Solar System, and defeat them on their homeworld.

Titan Attacks!

In Titan Attacks! you play as the last remaining tank commander in charge of defending the Earth against an alien invasion originating from the Saturn moon of Titan. Once the home world has been protected, you take the fight to your enemy and shoot your way through the Moon, Mars, Saturn, and eventually back to Titan. You will need to dodge falling bombs, capture parachuting aliens, and avoid nuclear explosions all while obliterating everything else on the screen. And (straight out of Space Invaders) if you’re able to destroy the flying saucer that zooms by at the top of the screen, you can win bonus prizes. Each world contains a number of waves, some short and some not as short, that will end with a classic boss battle. The goal is to destroy the alien ships to earn cash which is then spent on upgrades to your tank to allow you to destroy even more alien ships. Then do it again. Destroy aliens. Get cash. Upgrade tank. Wash, rinse, and repeat. After you complete a world, your game and score get saved so you can always start the next level with the same upgrades and score you had after your first play through. You won’t have to start from zero if you decide to jump ahead and try to tackle a later world. This helps in building up your high score, which can then be compared to your friends or others around the world in the leaderboards.


Release Date : May 6, 2014
Publisher : Curve Digital
Developer : Puppygames
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 28MB






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