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Taco Master

Taco Master

Taco Master

Take orders and assemble fresh, tasty tacos as quick as you can in this fast-paced time management game. Use a variety of ingredients such as delicious spiced sausage and tongue-melting chili peppers. Feel the heat as the orders fly in, put together some crazy combinations, and score big bonuses. Taco Master has you taking on the role of a Mexican man who is learning to run the ultimate taco stand from the ultimate taquero. The game works like this: orders are served up to you, each with a time limit to fulfill it, and then you make the corresponding tacos. Sounds easy it’s not. Using the Vita’s touchscreen, you put the appropriate ingredients on the taco and serve them up. Where it gets complex is when you have multiple ingredients on different tacos all while customers are breathing down your neck and more keep giving you their order. However, that’s what I loved so much about Taco Master ; you develop a rhythm, a cadence, when playing the game, and you just get into a zone where you’re doing everything perfectly and have no errors – you become one with the game. And that’s just at the beginning.

Taco Master

After reaching certain benchmarks, you unlock several other modes, which is actually the meat of Taco Master. These modes are what made the game the most enjoyable; they add even more ingredients and elements like attacking zombies and crab that you must shoo away, both keeping you on your toes and adding to the insane pace you must keep. My favorite mode was Tropical Fury – the on with the crabs. All the additional modes add roughly 20 to 30 levels, and while they still maintain a tutorial in the early levels, it quickens the pace and starts giving you more orders than you’d usually tackle and crazier tacos to fulfill. My only complaint with the additional mode is the time attack mode, where you have to do so many orders trying to break your record. It stays with the simple career mode aesthetic; I really wanted the zombie or fish levels because they were more chaotic and challenging. On top of that, I wish it wasn’t just fulfilling an order for a single taco, but multiple orders for multiple items. The time attack mode makes it feel out of place from the rest of the game because of that single-taco order rhythm.


Release Date : December 9, 2015
Publisher : Chillingo
Developer : Kaxan Games
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 106MB


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