Swords and Darkness 3DS CIA

Swords and Darkness 3DS CIA

Swords and Darkness 3DS CIA

Swords and Darkness 3DS CIA

Uncover the secrets of your fate, as you venture into the cursed castle. “SWORDS & DARKNESS” is a game set in a dark mystical fantasy world, cast in a single yet action-packed 2D adventure RPG game. New stylish skills and magic complement the character’s attacks, and by equipping items and other weapons, the player stands to enjoy a seamless series of thrilling combat. Swords and Darkness 3DS CIA

Swords and Darkness 3DS CIA

Side-scrolling hack and slash games fall into a tricky genre. It’s such a simple concept at its core, but it can easily be ruined by something as basic as poor controls or lack of originality. Swords & Darkness, the latest in the genre to make its way to the 3DS eShop, is an unfortunate example of what happens when little effort is made to make a game unique. Starting out with a cinematic sequence that covers the exceedingly dramatic and convoluted fantasy plot, Swords & Darkness drops you right into the action without much hesitation. From here, it immediately becomes apparent what went right and what went wrong in the development process. We’ve seen games on Nintendo platforms such as Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara and Code of Princess combine hack and slash gameplay with RPG elements in effective ways, but Swords & Darkness fails to take advantage of the mixture. What we’re instead given is a sub-par experience that relies much too heavily on button mashing over skill. Swords and Darkness 3DS CIA


Release Date : June 11, 2015
Publisher :
Arc System Works Co., Ltd.
Developer :
Arc System Works Co., Ltd.
Region :
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