Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment PSVITA VPK

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment PSVITA VPK

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment PSVITA VPK

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment PSVITA VPK

In an age where we have Project Morpheus lurking right around the corner, Sword Art Online, the popular Japanese anime about gamers entering a virtual gaming world, has resonated with many viewers – especially the gaming crowd. Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment PSVITA VPK makes its way onto the PlayStation Vita in the form of a third-person action role-playing game that attempts to create a world as vibrant and alive as its television counterpart. But with a premise already so appealing to gamers, has it made the transition to Sony’s handheld with success? Before even logging in to the hub world, it’s made blatantly clear that this title is meant for fans of the anime. This is mostly because it does a poor job of easing you into what the fictional MMO at the heart of the series even is. Instead, it throws you into the insanity right away, as it retells the ending of what occurs on the 75th floor of the in-game, er, game. With a slight plot twist, you now get to continue onto the 76th floor, grinding all the way up to the elusive 100th floor.

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment PSVITA VPK

In truth, the title seems to understand its audience, so it’s not an especially bad thing that it doesn’t explain all of its narrative intricacies. However, with that being said, be prepared to read through a lot of dialogue boxes with lots of tutorials. At times, it almost feels like you’re being pulled into a lecture rather than an action packed video game. Alas, while overwhelming at first, all of the clutter becomes clearer with some practice. Even though the story veers away from the plot in the anime, the game is still played from protagonist Kirito’s point of view. Oddly enough, though, there are some character customisation options, including different hair styles and colours. Sadly, this portion of the experience is so undercooked that it feels like a bit of a missed opportunity. Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment PSVITA VPK .


Release Date : August 19 , 2014
Publisher : Bandai Namco
Developer : Bandai Namco
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 2.74GB


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