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love to play video games specially old retro games.

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  1. AvatarAzos says:

    The google drive for starlink is down, could you please re upload?

  2. AvatarAbi says:

    Hello, my Problem is that the Game “Lego Marvel Heroes Part II” the Link for Europe is not available. Only for USA but in German it doesn t work.

    The Link of GD

    Thank you

  3. Avatarweilt says:

    Wolfenstein II – The New Colossus [GER] 1 FICHER is not exixtent

  4. AvatarGab says:

    Hi all the Zelda BOTW (with DLCs) 1fichier links are deleted, could you please update? thanks a lot!

  5. AvatarEd says:

    Link for super mario odyssey down..can you please fix it..thank you

  6. Avatardave says:

    Zelda and MK8 links are broken for full game

  7. AvatarLord Snoodles says:

    Hello. Thanks for all this. I see Starlink and DC Super Villains in “newly added” list, but they either aren’t in the list of downloadables when you click on the letter, or aren’t in the list at all. Where do I download those games?

  8. AvatarHector Perez says:

    I can’t get access to google drive to download games, it says that I need permission.

  9. AvatarToby says:

    Mario Tennis down

  10. AvatarSloot says:

    Google drive no accesable, need acces privilages?
    Also lego villains not on drive, could you please upload?

  11. AvatarRambo says:

    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus + Update


  12. AvatarSaran J says:

    Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition link is not working

    Thank you

  13. Avatarej says:

    dark souls remastered and starlink xci is not in the list.

  14. AvatarGaw says:

    Donkey kong country tropical freeze link says need permission. Please help

  15. Avatarganzai says:

    Rapala not in gd or 1f

  16. AvatarChrilleteur says:

    StarLink Update File is down on Google Drive, can you reupp please?

  17. AvatarChrilleteur says:

    Please reupp StarLink Update File on Google Drive.

  18. AvatarMcDeezy says:

    StarLink Update File is a good link, but the StarLink XCI on google drive is down. Can you reupp?

  19. Avatarleplay says:

    Please reupp StarLink XCI File on Google Drive.

  20. Avatarannoymous says:

    Warriors Orochi 4 [EUR] – missing?

  21. AvatarFreely says:

    The update and DLC for Pokken Tournemant link is broken.

  22. AvatarAbi says:

    Please GD for Warriors Orochi 4 EUR please.

  23. AvatarHello says:

    Hello sir/ma’am,

    Yomawari and The World Ends With You appear to not be available on the XCI or NSP site. Any help much appreciated, thank you very much for everything!

  24. AvatarRaul says:

    Rapela fishing doesn’t seem to on there

  25. AvatarEd says:

    Megaman 11 link isn’t working. One option asks for permission and the other goes to 404 error.
    Still, great job on the links and thanks a bunch! 😉

  26. AvatarKamiko says:

    The GD (Google Drive) files are broken (Updates Etc) would like to get the mine craft switch update back up

  27. Avatarlinkcr says:

    both SMO XCI and NSP are down (oddly the MF link wasn’t taken down by nintendo themselves wonder who it was?)

  28. AvatarCryptic42 says:

    Nintendo labo variety pack: 404 NOT FOUND

  29. AvatarDDlux says:

    Google drive link for Dragon Quest 1&2 is down.

  30. AvatarGren says:

    Google drive link for Arms is down also

  31. AvatarDayared says:

    The Google Drive Link for Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is broken.

  32. AvatarMcDeezy says:

    LA Noire Google Link Drive is broken

  33. AvatarDiego says:

    Update capcom beat em up bundle, please, thanks

  34. AvatarGren says:

    It seems that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is removed?

  35. AvatarDiego says:

    Do you have update capcom beat em up bundle? Thanks

  36. Avataruleraf says:

    The Civilization VI 1Fichier link is missing.

  37. AvatarJack says:

    Civilization VI 1Fichier link is missing

  38. AvatarRandomDude says:

    What’s going on with the fichier links? Some of them are missing(Diablo 3, Civ VI) others have been deleted(DOOM)

  39. AvatarSamm says:

    The google drive for LEGO HARRY POTTER is not working. It mentions that it requires permission.

  40. Avatargoodguy says:

    Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 has been deleted by the owner(?)

  41. AvatarDemon says:

    Can’t find atelier trilogy link? Any help

  42. Avatarluis says:

    Can’t download say need account permission.

  43. AvatarTom says:

    mega man 11 Link of update data file is down.

  44. AvatarTom says:

    megaman 11 update file Link is missing.

  45. AvatarVegnavan says:

    L.A. Noire require some weird access via Drive and Fichier is down, ty.

  46. AvatarA says:

    Hasbro family dont work and please add Google Drive link please 🙁

  47. AvatarAlan says:

    super smash bros is down from google drive, please upload it

  48. AvatarKarnauj says:

    Octopath Traveler (EUR/USA) seems to have been removed

  49. Avatarnope says:

    Where is the Pokemon Lets Go XCIs?

  50. AvatarMarcola83 says:

    Jogo Street Fighter 30 aniversário necessita permissão?

  51. AvatarGTI says:

    Supersmash bro link broken

  52. AvatarSwitchPlayer says:

    splatoon link on google drive is down

  53. The letter “N” link is down for the switch collection. Plzzz fix!!!

  54. AvatarQuinn says:

    Supersmash bro 1fichier link is down

  55. AvatarEdd says:

    Splatoon 2 gdrive file is missing

  56. AvatarNya says:

    Can’t download Zelda BOTW say need account permission.

  57. AvatarGren says:

    do yo have Lets Sing 2019 Europe Version?

  58. Avatarcarlos says:

    LEGO NINJAGO Movie The Game needs an email to acess to account

  59. AvatarRandomPerson says:

    Hi – how do I get access to the google drive – when I try to grab the link and gets to gdrive it says permission required ???

  60. AvatarJay says:

    Great work , any idea if any one has hold of the new tales games

  61. Avatarallan says:

    google drive says that i cant access it because its a violation of their terms.will a new link be up soon? ssbu

  62. AvatarAvoletto says:

    Outlast is off

  63. AvatarRed says:

    SM Odyssey and splatoon 2 Google drive links are down could you please re upload,
    and Pokemon Lets go pikachu is not found requesting for the file.

    Thanks in advance

  64. AvatarDiablo fans says:

    diablo link is not working. pls fix. tq

  65. AvatarRobin Dolan says:

    Fire Emblem Warriors down

  66. Avatarryan says:

    MK 8 Deluxe link not working?

  67. AvatarChristopher McAulay-Sinclair says:

    Anyone know how to transfer the games to the ad card and make them play on the switch? Sd card is showing up but says no data

  68. AvatarChris says:

    How do you transfer the games to the switch??

  69. Avataryyzzy says:

    mk 8 is down

  70. Avatarbobby says:

    SSBU broken link

  71. Avatarbobby says:

    no downloads are working for either site

  72. AvatarNad says:

    all downloads seem to be down

  73. AvatarWizard says:

    Can you get the latest stardew valley update?

  74. Avatarjazeyrae says:

    SSB NSP Gdrive link down

  75. AvatarNad says:

    dark souls remastered, dead cells and mk8 deluxe down

  76. AvatarEddigamer says:

    BOTW is not working its requesting acsess

  77. AvatarFredy9629 says:

    My hero academia link is down

  78. Avataroyashio says:

    Okami HD 1fichier link is dead

  79. AvatarAlbert says:

    Fire Emblem Warriors down for gdrive

  80. AvatarSevenSeas says:

    SSMB down for GDrive

  81. AvatarSevenSeas says:

    SSBU down for Gdrive “Edit”

  82. AvatarDewet says:

    the google drive is down for legend of zelda breath of the wild

  83. Avataroof says:

    SM Odyssey for Google Drive doesn’t work

  84. AvatarAlvin says:

    Google drive for BOTW is not working.

  85. AvatarSearchme says:

    Can you Reup Dark Souls Remastered Pls


  86. AvatarAlvin says:

    BOTW google drive link is broken. It’s says file is non existent when trying to download.

  87. AvatarDöddelguy says:

    SMO google drive Link is down please update this Link

    PS: is this the EUR version of the Game ??

  88. Avatarwes says:

    Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.

    Too many users have viewed or downloaded Team Sonic Racing recently.
    it has a message stating—> Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.

  89. AvatarSalo says:

    Please, update zelda… The link is broken.. 🙁

  90. AvatarYue says:

    Hi, May I know Does have the updates for The Walking Dead Final Session episodes 2/3/4?

  91. AvatarCloned1 says:

    New to the game, re-up on Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded possible?

  92. Avatarryan says:

    Assassins creed collection google drive link is gone.

  93. AvatarDiego says:

    Hi there. How to check game build id ?

  94. AvatarAngel Perez says:

    Redeemer link not working

  95. AvatarNu says:

    Where are the links? I can’t see a single link. I’m looking for final fantasy XV pocket edition.

  96. AvatarSyed says:

    My download for breath of the wild doesn’t work

  97. AvatarPeter says:

    code of princess ex 1fichier link without file

  98. AvatarElice says:

    I can’t get access to google drive to download games, it says that I need permission for every link for sworld art online.

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