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love to play video games especially old retro games.

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  1. Avatarsomeone says:

    Very nice! Just only missing Skyrim and Diablo 3.

    thanks for the work, keep it up!

  2. AvatarAnon says:

    Any Into the breach?

  3. AvatarNew says:

    Hi possible to upload link for Mario Party nsp?

  4. AvatarPete says:

    Another World please?

  5. AvatarSAGG says:

    Update for Wwe2k18, please

  6. AvatarMarie says:

    Great listing, Thank you for this!! 🙂

    Some nsp links are not working anymore:
    Human Resource Machine
    INVERSUS Deluxe
    PAN-PAN A tiny big adventure
    Spot The Difference
    Word Search by POWGI

  7. AvatarMarie says:

    Hi Romstorage
    Some updates links are dead and not working anymore:

    Taiko_no_Tatsujin_Nintendo_Switch_Version_Update_v1.0.4 (Error 404)
    Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch Version Update v1.0.3 (Not found)
    Minecraft Update [v1.6.1] (Not found)

  8. AvatarJiggy says:

    Both Wolfenstien 2 update links are broken

  9. AvatarEdsel says:

    Hi, I need help. After I downloaded a game and installing, it is saying that I need to download the software. Please help.

  10. AvatarTim says:

    Can’t seem to download anything, your ad-filled link shortener is giving a broken link.

  11. AvatarLooneymetal says:

    Both unravel2 and Turok have so far failed to provide any decent link? Getting alot of SD App ready to install, im assuming this isnt something i need as have downloaded a fair few from here and nothing was required. Im also getting: This site can’t be reached The connection was reset. Any suggestions?

    • AvatarLooneymetal says:

      Update, seems like AVG antivirus/firewall is blocking content suddenly, turned off and got as far as Download anyway on unravel2 and when pressed it says “access denied, you do not have permission to access this”

      • AvatarRomstorage says:

        Watch the video ‘how to download’ before download.
        Just checked the link its working fine. It showing download quota limit exceeded. In that case you have to save the game to your drive, make a copy of it and download the copy. Thats it.
        Comment or pm me in discord if have further problem.

    • AvatarDC says:

      Both unravel 2 and turok worked fine for me

  12. AvatarDC says:

    Incredible website, I dont understand how you still exist and aren’t having any trouble from Nintendo or game makers. Keep up the incredible work

  13. AvatarDC says:

    Search darkumbra on Google and you should find Diablo 3

  14. AvatarDC says:

    Trials Rising doesn’t seem to work, downloaded game and update, installed both fine. When you run it all loads normal till title screen but when you press A to get into game menu, loading bar hits 100% then game crashes.

    Would be great to know if anyone had this issue
    I’m gonna try install game with no update and see what happens. Will post results shortly

  15. AvatarDC says:

    Trials Rising needs an update in order to run so cant check whether it’s running or not

  16. Avatarzombiehook says:

    hi, pkmon eevee the game and update dont recognize as game tinofoil and goldleaf, and cant be instalable

  17. AvatarSkad says:

    what is this – Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen [v65536]
    Download – it is update?
    where is game 🙂 thanks

  18. AvatarKP says:

    pokemon lets go pickachu is down

  19. AvatarCharly says:

    Bonjour, auriez-vous un autre lien pour Mario kart? Merci

  20. AvatarItsAKer says:

    Hello. Can I play these games with german language?

  21. AvatarItsAKer says:

    Hello. If I have an nsp game and for this game an update nps . How can i install this update. For example. I have the nsp from Mario Oddyssey. And for this an update nsp. I´ve installed both of them. But when I open the game it sas that i can update this. But untill yet I always started without update. I hape you understand me. My english isnt so good. =)

  22. AvatarNate says:

    The legend of zelda botw is broken

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