Superfrog HD [ PSVITA VPK ]

Superfrog HD

Superfrog HD

Superfrog HD

Amiga classic Superfrog gets the HD treatment in Superfrog HD. a side scrolling platform and adventure game available for download from the PlayStation Store for the PS Vita. Superfrog HD is a HD remake of an Amiga classic originally released in 1993, which has now been updated with sweeping improvements across the board; much in the same way as another Team 17 classic Alien Breed HD from earlier on this year having originally been released in 1991.

Superfrog HD

Superfrog HD has three game modes consisting of the single player story mode, frog trials and a level editor. The single player story is set across six worlds with each world containing four levels, alongside an end world boss battle against the evil witch. The story of the game sees a prince that is about to marry his princess when a jealous witch decides to cast a spell on the prince to turn him into a frog and steal the princess. The prince finds a magic potion in the river next to were everything has just happened, which makes him become Superfrog as he sets out on a journey to overcome the evil witches’ powers and rescue his princess. After each successfully completed level of the story mode, there is a fruit machine, which provides three opportunities to achieve a matching line of three of the same fruits or gems to win a variety of prizes, such as a total of twenty-four original levels; more spins; and even brushes to have further customisation options for the level editor once you have unlocked all of the twenty-four original levels. Achieving a matching line of three can be rather hit or miss and success in this mini-game certainly has a lot to owe to pure luck, but you can nudge each of the fruits or gems in an attempt to influence the result in your favour.


Release Date : August 6, 2013
Publisher : Team17 Software
Developer : Team17 Software
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 68MB


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