Superbeat Xonic [SWITCH XCI]

Superbeat Xonic

Superbeat Xonic is an excellent addition to the Switch’s growing music game hit parade. It’s stylish, fun, and challenging in all the right ways, and does a great job easing players into its frenetic charts with forgiving timing and balanced progression. Some frustrating touch-control issues mean that VOEZ or Deemo are better bets for touchscreen tunes, but if you’re onboard with button-based beats, Xonic is a super choice.We love Superbeat Xonic’s rhythm gameplay and satisfying sense of challenge, but some unfortunate control issues also get in its way from time to time. One of these is down to the system itself, and you may have already guessed it reading about the use of analogue sticks above: the Switch’s asymmetrical controller layout, with the left stick above the D-Pad buttons and the right stick below the face buttons, can be tricky to reconcile with their triggers’ symmetrical placement in Xonic’s charts, originally designed with the PlayStation Vita & DualShock 4 layouts in mind.
This asymmetry isn’t just a conceptual problem, either. Because of where both sticks fall in your hands, the right Switch stick can be flicked up or down without moving your thumb from the face buttons, but the left one requires a reach away from the D-Pad buttons, and in quicker sections with lots going on, that extra split-second can make a difference. Slide notes make the gap even more apparent, and while playing with separated Joy-Con or using a ‘claw’ formation with our second finger on the left stick helped a bit, neither of these were complete fixes. Still, your milage may vary, and while we flubbed more flick and slide notes than we’d have liked on harder songs, it didn’t dampen our overall enjoyment of the game.


Release Date : 21st Nov 2017
Publisher :  PM Studios
Developer :  Nurijoy
Genre: Arcade, Music
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 7.3 GB


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