Super Robot Taisen BX 3DS CIA

Super Robot Taisen BX 3DS CIA

Super Robot Taisen BX 3DS CIA

Super Robot Taisen BX 3DS CIA

Robots clash with new game systems and gameplay designed to exploit the stereogram technology in this entry of the popular battle franchise. Let’s be completely honest with ourselves. The Game Boy Advance has one top-notch strategy game that blows the rest of the competition out of the water, and that game is Advance Wars. We knew it the first time we played it, we still know it now, and in 30 years we’ll still know it. Any and every strategy game on a Nintendo system since Advance Wars made a US launch is being compared to the classic, and that’s no easy standard to live up to. At the same time, diversity during these slower months on the system really does go a long way, and it’s now that games like Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation, while not perfect by any means, get their chance to show gamers what they’ve got. Super Robot Taisen BX 3DS CIA

Super Robot Taisen BX 3DS CIA

For those unfamiliar with the world of Super Robot Taisen (and that should be most of you, since it was Japan-only up until now), the series is rooted on classic anime characters and worlds under the common name “Super Robot Wars”. The main concept of the Super Robot franchise is to combine multiple anime and manga franchises (particularly those using huge robots or mecha units) into one big turn-based strategy/role-paying game. If players want to play out “what if” situations inspired by the likes of Evangelion and Gundam, they can do it in Super Robot Wars. The series got its start back in the days of the Famicom, and have made appearances on nearly every major system since then, including Game Boy, Super Famicom, Mobile Phone, and Playstation. In Japan, the Super Robot series is as prominent as Nintendo’s own “Wars” series we now embrace in the US. Super Robot Taisen BX 3DS CIA


Release Date : August 20, 2015
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Bandai Namco
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  1. Jemuca says:

    Hello great work and excelent site!!! Just wanted to confirm if this game is indeed Freezone?? I just hacked my 3ds xl using luma so Im new at this… as far as I understand it only allows me to install US and free games but Im really looking forward to have SRW on it but I will hate to block it or something… cheers

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