Super Paper Mario [ Wii ISO ]

Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario

Paper Mario isn’t just out of this world. it’s out of this dimension. What at first glance appears to be a 2D side scroller ripped straight from the pages of the Super Paper Mario universe soon turns into a 3D action-adventure that defies all video game logic. Fusing 2D and 3D perspectives, not to mention RPG and platformer elements, the game slips back and forth between dimensions. The action sprawls across eight worlds filled with traps, puzzles, bizarre mysteries and items that often draw themselves out of thin air. Oh, and just because Mario’s in the title doesn’t mean he’s the only star players also get to play as Peach and Bowser.

Super Paper Mario

Now, at first glance Super Paper Mario looks like a classic 2D platformer you couldn’t be more wrong. The developers have ingeniously merged and twisted this relatively simple premise with a whole heap of RPG elements. For starters your life is measured in HP (“Heart Points”); you won’t instantly die getting hit by a Gomba, you’ll just loose some HP. Different enemies will drain your HP meter more than others, much like an “attack power” in an RPG. Similarly, your different characters also have different attack power, obviously with Bowsers being the strongest. As you progress through the game your skill level and HP meter increases, allowing you to take larger hits before dying. Classic Mario elements such as Mushrooms, Flowers and Stars remain but take on a new role. Instead of making you large Mushrooms will replenish your HP by 10, Flowers activate a Coin Shower and Stars turn you into a giant pixelated Mario straight from the NES game. This effect is very similar to that in New Mario Bros and allows you to smash through everything in your path. There is also a whole host of items you can collect through the game; items that for example would double your attack power briefly or freeze enemies around you.


Release Date : April 9, 2007
Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : Nintendo
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 724MB


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