Super Mario 3d Land [ Legit CIA ]

Super Mario 3d Land Legit

Super Mario 3d Land Legit

Super Mario 3d Land Legit

A platform game in the Super Mario series developed by Nintendo EAD Tokyo, with development assistance from Brownie Brown, for the Nintendo 3DS. As the first 3DS title to actually use 3D as an integral part of the gameplay experience, Super Mario 3D Land Legit ‘s platforming relies heavily on the precision leant by the 3D effect. You can adjust it with a simple touch of the D-pad to either pop out or sink in more, depending on which suits the area best or just which you prefer at the moment. You can play without 3D enabled, but it makes things considerably more difficult and frustrating – this game was designed to be played in 3D, and you can’t fully experience it otherwise.

Super Mario 3d Land Legit

Certain parts of 3D Land, during which a small 3D symbol appears on the top screen, you’ll find near impossible to pull off without activating the 3D. Super Mario 3D Land Legit By relying on 3D as an important mechanic rather than a second thought to enhance the visuals, the developers achieved the most effective 3D I’ve ever seen in any medium, as well as the most brilliant use of it. From the clever platforming puzzles to the creative level design, every aspect of the game is heightened by the masterful use of an effect that up until now has essentially only been used as an optional visual boost. As Mario jumps off a bouncy mushroom and soars out of your screen – or pulls off a daring jump onto a tiny platform to nab a secret or hidden medal – it becomes apparent that 3D Land represents the kind of experience the 3DS was always meant for.


Release Date : November 11, 2011
Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : Nintendo
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 289MB


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