Super Black Bass 3D [ 3DS CIA ]

Super Black Bass 3D

Super Black Bass 3D

Super Black Bass 3D

Making full use of the 3DS motion sensor and gyroscope feature, cast your lure using Super Black Bass 3D‘s “Real Rod System.” Feel the impact as it hits the water surface and wait in anticipation of the catch. Go in search of more than 30 types of fish through various environments and weather conditions as you experience fishing in vivid 3D and challenge other anglers for the top spot on the world-ranking leaderboards.

Super Black Bass 3D

Catch fish with Super Black Bass 3D‘s “Real Rod System” featuring realistic movement controls. Multiple Game Modes Hundreds of fish to catch across various competitive locations Changing conditions that affect your fishing: changing seasons, weather conditions, and time of day Upgradeable fishing gear Domestic / International rankings – Give yourself a Master of SBB alias and challenge fellow anglers from around the world Closest experience to real fishing on the Nintendo 3DS Longest running video game fishing franchise The whole idea of the game is that you’re a fisherman, and you want to catch a whole load of fish. You’ll enter tournaments to do so, and there’s a freeplay mode where you can visit any body of water you’ve previously unlocked and cast your line to your heart’s content under whatever conditions you like. You earn money through entering tournaments and selling the fish you catch, and you can spend this on better equipment. Want a boat to head out to deeper areas? You’ll need to save up for that. Want some better lures and lines? Ching ching. Casting your line is easy enough via the inbuilt motion controls of the 3DS. You have to pull back slowly then flick forward to put out a long line, or flick back once for a shorter cast. The A button reels the line back in, and tilting the 3DS left and right moves the tip of the rod in the corresponding direction.


Release Date : April 2, 2013
Publisher : Rising Star Games
Developer : Rising Star Games
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 200MB





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