Sun Flowers [PSVITA VPK]

Sun Flowers PSVITA VPK

Sun Flowers PSVITA VPK

Sun Flowers PSVITA VPK

The Game Atelier knows a thing or two about putting together a visually pleasing experience. The developer’s previous endeavour The Flying Hamster served up a kitschy twist on the classic bullet hell shooter. Armed with acorns as opposed to artillery, the agonisingly undervalued PlayStation Mini prompted an experience able to warm the cockles in even the coldest heart. Sun Flowers PSVITA VPK

Sun Flowers PSVITA VPK

Perhaps unsurprisingly, SunFlowers is imbued with a similar simplistic charm. Playing in vertical perspective, you take control of an anthropomorphic sun able to fire beams of light at the fertile soil below. Your objective is to target the sprouting seedlings on the ground, but unfortunately your power is too potent to grow the buds without assistance. Indeed, you need to shoot your sun rays through moving clouds in order to create rain drops which, if aimed correctly, cause the infantile saplings to blossom into beautiful botanical beings. Miss your target – or hit a sinister storm cloud – and you’ll set your flora on fire, giving you a few moments to douse them with water before losing a life. And that’s pretty much it. The game follows an arcade format where the difficulty advances as your score increases, but on the Casual and Normal settings the game lacks urgency. It takes far too long for the challenge to grow, and by the time you hit the 20th level or so, you’ll be wishing a mistake would put an end to your run so you can go and do something else instead. It’s not that the gameplay is unpleasant – it’s actually very slick and enjoyable in minute-long stints – but it fails to advance in a manner that keeps it engaging over extended sessions. The Hard difficulty level doesn’t really improve things, because while it increases the number of storm clouds and hazards, it mostly relies on the removal of assists to increase the challenge. Unfortunately, that just makes things infinitely more frustrating. Sun Flowers PSVITA VPK .


Release Date : October 9 , 2012
Publisher : The Game Atelier
Developer : The Game Atelier
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 60MB








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