Stella Glow 3DS Roms

Stella Glow 3DS Roms

Stella Glow 3DS Roms

Stella Glow 3DS Roms

In the RPG adventure Stella Glow, players take on the role of Alto, a young knight who must convince Witches throughout the Regnant Kingdom to join his side and stop Hilda, the Witch of Destruction, and her cruel Harbingers. Use the forgotten magic of Song in battle by tuning allied Witches to unlock their full potential. Stella Glow 3DS Roms

Stella Glow 3DS Roms

Musical leanings aside, at its heart, Stella Glow is a strategy RPG, like Fire Emblem: Awakening, Final Fantasy Tactics, or Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. You’ll lead Alto, Lisette, and their ever-growing party of adventurers over gridded, isometric battlefields in an overhead view, taking it in turns to move your troops and launch attacks which play out automatically in beautifully-choreographed, zoomed-in cutscenes. As in Fire Emblem, there’s a huge emphasis on thoughtful play; you’ll be able to see how much damage your attacks will do (barring any unforeseen critical hits or whiffs) before you commit, and you can re-think your movements as many times as you like before you hit ‘go’. So far, these are fairly standard SRPG staples, but Stella Glow stands out thanks to a simple mechanic borrowed from imageepoch’s Luminous Arc days: which way your units are facing makes a difference. If you attack an enemy from the side, for instance, you’re more likely to land the hit compared to gunning for them head-on, and if you can manage to sneak around and jump them from the back, you’ll be rewarded with both fish-in-a-barrel accuracy and a significant damage boost. It works the same way for your enemies, of course, so you’ll need to predict their movements and stay on your toes to avoid being caught off-guard, by choosing which way your character’s facing at the end of each turn. Stella Glow 3DS Roms


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