Star Drone Extreme PSVITA VPK

Star Drone Extreme PSVITA VPK

Star Drone Extreme PSVITA VPK

Star Drone Extreme PSVITA VPK

Star Drone Extreme PSVITA VPK should be a mess: the game has a longer list of influences than an experimental electronica band. But somehow developers Beatshapers and Orb Games have managed to fuse the title’s extensive list of disparate inspirations into a cohesive package, and against all odds produced a tremendously enjoyable action puzzle experience. Outside of the Extreme moniker, this is largely derivative of last year’s PlayStation Move-powered release. All original 60 device-tossingly difficult levels have been recreated, with a handful of additional Vita exclusive stages thrown in for good measure. Interface enhancements, touch controls and cross-platform compatibility round out the improvements, making it an attractive expansion for newcomers and existing fans.

Star Drone Extreme PSVITA VPK

For those new to the series, StarDrone is an amalgamation of multiple gameplay concepts. At its core, your objective is to guide a wandering spacecraft through a series of intergalactic mazes using the gravitational pull of touch-activated beacons. One of the most intriguing concepts is that you’re never given direct control over the spacecraft itself, just the ability to manipulate its trajectory — a feature which transforms the well-dressed collect-a-thon into a maddeningly moreish test of dexterity. But such a brief summary barely scratches the surface of StarDrone’s many more complicated concepts. It’s heavily influenced by pinball, as evidenced by the inclusion of rails and bumpers which allow you to glide and bounce around stages to satisfying effect. Dimmed stars can be collected to increase fuel – prompting an overdrive mode which converts your humble spacecraft into an armoured war-machine capable of thwarting the threat of nearby enemies. Layer these mechanics on top of combo and timed score multipliers, and you have the basis of an extremely complex game – but one that’s surprisingly easy to learn. Star Drone Extreme PSVITA VPK


Release Date : April 11 , 2012
Publisher : Beatshapers
Developer : Beatshapers
Region : EUR
File Type :
RAR File Size : 44MB








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