Splatoon 2 [SWITCH XCI]

Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is just about everything you could ask for from a sequel. It builds on everything the original set up and then some; almost every single major issue people had with the first game has been resolved, showing that Nintendo is genuinely listening and wants to deliver the absolute best experience possible. It maintains the freshness you’d expect and throws in countless big and small changes and additions, every one of them for the better. Anyone who says Nintendo can’t do online should be eating their words right now; Splatoon 2 is simply inkredible and continues Nintendo’s trailblazing first year of Switch stunners.There’s also an interesting new addition courtesy of the footwear guru Crusty Sean, who has shut up his shoe shop in favour of flaunting freshly fried foodstuffs. By exchanging a ticket you can receive a buff that increases your experience or coins earned in online battles, as well as increasing the likelihood of grabbing the sub ability you want for your gear. The nice thing is that this applies to 20 battles and as far as we can tell does not expire at any time, meaning you can use these bonuses without worrying that you might waste them.
You’ll also want to talk to Spike’s replacement Murch, who does pretty much everything Spike did and then some. You can now save up Ability Chunks in order to apply a specific ability onto a specific item of clothing, meaning you’re no longer constantly rolling the dice on what you want from a particular bit of gear. This is by no means a quick and easy thing to do, however it is reliable, which is more than can be said for the original reliance on random number generation.


Release Date : 21st Jul 2017
Publisher :  Nintendo
Developer :  Nintendo Software Technology
Genre: Shooter
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 3.5 GB


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