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Sparkle Unleashed

Sparkle Unleashed

Sparkle Unleashed

Make your way through a secluded world of mystery, light magical braziers and discover a way to banish the darkness in this puzzle game. It is a difficult thing to create a unique spin on a much-loved classic puzzle game to make it feel fresh and rejuvenated. It is even more difficult to create a trilogy on that classic game that still feels unique. Yet 10Tons LTD have attempted it, but have they succeeded? Sparkle Unleashed, like its predecessors,  is based on the classic marble shooter Zuma. For those not familiar with the premise, a snake of different colored marbles slowly make their way towards a “portal” and it is your job to make sure the rolling balls of terror do not reach their target. You do this by shooting more marbles to match three or more of the same color. This will lead to those marbles disappearing, with the level continuing until all marbles have been removed from play.

Sparkle Unleashed

It’s a simple premise that has quite literally been done to death. Sparkle Unleashed The match-three puzzle game genre has taken on many different appearances over the years on a variety of different platforms, yet their popularity is still as strong as ever. The main reason? They are addicting, they encourage you to play under pressure and most importantly they give the player that feeling of ‘just one more go’, leading to hours and hours of frustration and satisfaction in equal measure. So what do we get with Sparkle Unleashed? Well pretty much more of the same, but is that really a bad thing? The most noticeable difference right out of the gate is with your shooter. Whereas in Sparkle 2 the shooter was in a set position, you can now move it from left to right along the bottom of the screen to aim at different marbles. Though this change doesn’t really add a whole new dimension to the game-play, I did find it created a greater sense of urgency, with being able to move the shooter across the screen when a snake of marbles was centimeters from its target portal. Returning from previous games in the series is the ability to aim using the joysticks or using the touch screen. Though both ways work well, using the joysticks remains the best way to play, as although taping the screen can give you a more accurate shot, having your finger block the screen can hinder your progress in a game where you are constantly thinking ahead to your next move.


Release Date : June 2, 2015
Publisher : 10tons
Developer : 10tons
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 60MB


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