Soul Sacrifice Delta PSVITA VPK

Soul Sacrifice Delta PSVITA VPK

Soul Sacrifice Delta PSVITA VPK

Soul Sacrifice Delta PSVITA VPK

Aims to tempt bookworms back to the brutal pages of Librom – the sarcastic yet helpful novella that just so happens to provide a portal into the world of sorcerers. Initially pitched as one of the PlayStation Vita’s saviours, Keiji Inafune’s original adventure didn’t quite reverse the struggling format’s fortunes – but it did fill the Monster Hunter shaped hole in the system’s library. Soul Sacrifice Delta PSVITA VPK This is not a sequel to the original escapade, but is more of an updated re-release, featuring the entirety of last year’s outing, in addition to a bunch of improvements and a catalogue of new archfiends to take down.

Soul Sacrifice Delta PSVITA VPK

Much like the inaugural affair, this enhanced foray thrusts you back into the grubby cage in which you spent the first game. Soul Sacrifice Delta PSVITA VPK Don’t worry if you’ve poured hundreds of hours into the previous expedition, as you’ll be able to bring forward your bookmark, with all of your right-arm enhancements (Sigils), spells (Offerings), special moves (Black Rites), costumes, allies, and quests making the transition. It’s worth noting that your Magic and Life levels will not be transferred, but you will instead be awarded with buffs that double the rate of the experience points that you’ll earn, depending on the character that you bring forward. If you’re a first time reader, the game takes place in arena-like maps with huge grotesque monsters that you must bring down. A constant complaint pointed at the original was that it lacked diversity in this area, with many of the monsters repeated multiple times, using the frustratingly transparent terminology ‘doppelgangers’. Fortunately, repetition is now less of an issue, as there are plenty of new archfiends to keep you busy. Many of these have adopted a fairy tale spin, with the likes of Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood along for the ride. Ordinarily, these wouldn’t sound especially interesting, but when the likes of the Three Little Pigs represent a giant bore body with two heads as hands, it all adopts a rather more twisted approach. This variety is appreciated, but it’s a shame that you still have to kill the same rats hundreds of times.


Release Date : May 142014
Publisher : SCEA
Developer : Marvelous AQL
Region : EUR
File Type :
RAR File Size : 2.87GB





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