Sonic Forces [SWITCH XCI]

Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces hasn’t managed to convince us that it is a must-play title in the series, but has at least alleviated some of our initial fears. A relatively short five-hour or so campaign, a lack of difficulty that ramps up unexpectedly on the final boss, and the non-coherent blend of 3D sequences, 2D sections and cutscenes make Sonic Forces a mixed experience, with positive moments undone by weaker areas.

It isn’t poor as many feared, and for children it could well be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. For the ‘hardcore’ (and likely slightly older) generation of Sonic fans, though, perhaps it’s best to accept that – for better or worse – Sonic isn’t what it used to be. Stick with Sonic Mania for classic Sonic fun, and let Forces attract a new, younger audience. The game’s visuals further cement the idea of Sonic Forces as a hit and miss experience. The Switch version of the game is seemingly the inferior choice when it comes to performance (720p/30fps compared to 1080p/60fps on PS4, for example) and lack of definition in the scenery and blurry edges on the character models are rather apparent, especially when viewed on the TV rather than the smaller screen in Handheld mode. It isn’t offensive – certain areas in the game could have looked absolutely gorgeous with a little more graphical ‘oomph’ – it just isn’t as impressive as you might have hoped. The game runs just fine, though – we didn’t notice any substantial drops in framerate or performance that affected gameplay – so it likely comes down to a preference of graphical power versus handheld capabilities if you’re wondering which version to buy.


Release Date : 7th Nov 2017
Publisher :  SEGA
Developer :  Sonic Team
Genre: Action, Adventure, Platformer
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 6.9 GB


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