Soldner X 2 Final Prototype [NoNpDrm] [ PSVITA VPK ]

Soldner X 2 Final Prototype

Soldner X 2 Final Prototype

Soldner X 2 Final Prototype

The shoot’em up classic arrives on the PlayStation®Vita system !  Blast through a variety of action-packed levels, battle fierce bosses, unlock new ships, weapons and rewards. Master the challenge mode and compete in online high score battles Few gaming experiences are more enjoyable to me than a well-tuned 2D shooter. At their best, they offer satisfying gun-play, beautiful visuals, and rewarding tests of dexterity. Soldner X 2 Final Prototype is an admirable entry in the genre that meets those three criteria especially the beautiful visuals.

Soldner X 2 Final Prototype

Like most of these types of games, there is some sort of explanation of who you are and what you’re fighting for, but eff that noise just shoot every last thing that gets in your way and dodge every bullet that comes flying at you. OK, that is a bit of an oversimplification. There are other things to consider such as score multipliers, persistent rankings, and special attacks. It will take several rounds before you get a grasp of all the mechanics Soldner X 2 Final Prototype has to offer, but a helpful in-game tutorial is there to explain everything for you. Whenever you encounter something new, you can tap the triangle button to bring up a help menu. These tutorials only appear once, but you can always reread them in the options menu (or reset them so that they show up in the game again) .many shoot ’em ups are punishingly difficult affairs designed to devour your quarters in an arcade – you may only last a few brief moments before being obliterated. Soldner-X 2 is a different kind of shooter, allowing you to take a healthy amount of damage before you lose a ship. The result is a game you can relax into and play for longer periods than most arcade “shmups.”


Release Date : March 18, 2015
Publisher : eastasiasoft
Developer : SideQuest Studios
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 823MB






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