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Smart As…

Smart As...

Smart As…

Test your knowledge in never-before-seen ways with Smart As... Experience a brilliant brain workout in 15 unique challenges using the innovative features of PlayStation Vita. Test your analytical skills in Roller Blocks, use the touchscreen to challenge your dexterity in Chain Reaction and improve your three-dimensional problem solving with Cube Mania. Make new friends and take on the world via Player to Player challenges.

Smart As…

The setup to Smart As shouldn’t catch you off guard. Like Brain Age on the Nintendo DS, the main hook to the game is participating in a number of daily challenges in the Observation, Language, Logic and Arithmetic categories that give you a Brain Power score. You come back each day, go through different challenges, and hope to improve your score. The setup works for two reasons: the challenges in Smart As are clever and intriguing, and they give you something to do on the PlayStation Vita each and every day. Each category, in which you’re given an individual Brain Power score, has five games with four difficulties. I haven’t found one game that I don’t truly enjoy. Word Wheel gives me a bunch of letters and challenges me to make a word, Chain Reaction wants me to connect colored pins without ever crossing lines, and Live Jigsaw takes a live image from one of the Vita’s cameras and breaks it up into a puzzle for me to assemble. All of those are challenging without being frustrating. Sure, I suck at Roller Blocks (which uses the Vita’s gyroscopes to roll some cubes into predetermined locations), but I like trying to figure out the puzzles. Seeing my Brain Power tracked in Smart As makes me want to try each and every day, but the fact that I actually enjoy the conundrums placed before me keep me coming back. If you have a few minutes, you have time to chip away at Smart As.


Release Date : October 30, 2012
Publisher : Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer : XDev Studios
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 1.33GB






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