Sine Mora EX

Sine Mora EX is an intriguing, stylish shooter that’s well worth a punt at a budget price. Sine Mora EX, however, is a trickier sell; the underlying quality is still there and it can be a memorable experience, but the additions are sloppy and add little, making it tough to justify at its full price. On Switch it has portability going for it, with the game looking handsome on the handheld or TV – it’s understandably sharper and easier to play than in the previous Vita version, for portable fans. It’s a fascinating game, and may draw you back for plenty of repeat plays or even score-chasing runs to climb online leaderboards. Its flaws, however, mean it’s not currently among the best of its genre.The other noted addition is support for co-op in the main game, in which the second player controls a small drone that can put up a limited shield or fire a relatively slow and weak weapon. At times it works well, especially when player two ‘guards’ the lead player with the shield, but it’s another sloppy implementation. Every time there’s a scene transition or in-game cutscene – which is very frequent – the co-op drone simply blows up, likely due to a desire to not code it into cutscenes. It then simply reappears when gameplay resumes. On one occasion in particular this is fundamentally broken – in an awkward late boss encounter a post-cutscene spawn drops the drone right into an energy beam, costing vital seconds in possibly the game’s toughest encounter. Due to the nature of the boss (a rotating maze, of sorts) this feels almost impossible to beat in co-op.


Release Date : 5th Sep 2017
Publisher :  THQ Nordic
Developer :  Digital Reality
Genre: Action
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 1.3 GB


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