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Shiren The Wanderer

Shiren The Wanderer

Shiren The Wanderer

The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate is an enhanced and expanded update of the RPG Shiren The Wanderer 5, which was previously available only in Japan. Shiren’s road to the west has been an odd one. The first game in the series launched in Japan for the Super Famicom more than 20 years ago. Western audiences wouldn’t see the game until 2008 when Sega brought over the DS remake as Mystery Dungeon: Siren the Wanderer. Two years later, Altus localized Shirens the Wanderer for the Wii, which despite its name was actually the third game in the series.

Shiren The Wanderer

Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate (jeez that’s a mouthful) takes place after the second game in the series, not that there’s anything here that would tell you that. The silent protagonist and his ferret companion Koppa stumble upon a village where a young girl is sick, destined to die. The boy who loves her vows to save her life by collecting the titular Dice of Fate and traveling to the top of the Tower of Fortune to talk to Reeva, the god of destiny. Hearing how dangerous the tower is, you follow after him. It’s not much of a story, but you know what, it’s a nice alternative to all of those RPGs where I’m constantly reminded how the fate of the world rests in my hands. The journey to save this girl is not an easy one. Mystery Dungeon games are notoriously difficult and this one is no exception. For those who haven’t played a game in the series, Shiren features turned-based combat and dungeon floors that have randomly generated grid-based layouts with a wide variety of possible enemies, traps, and items within. Opponents only move when you act, adding a tactical element to the gameplay. Combat is swift and throughout my adventure, it never ceased to amuse me.


Release Date : July 26, 2016
Publisher : Aksys Games
Developer : Aksys Games
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 400MB


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