Shifting World [ 3DS CIA ]

Shifting World

Shifting World

Shifting World

A puzzle platformer in which players must shift the world from black to white and white to black in order to overcome the game’s obstacles and find a way out of the room. Shifting World

Shifting World

In 2008, a Flash-based platformer/puzzle game called Shifting World was released online. Its gameplay was a model of brilliant simplicity: levels were constructed from black and white blocks, and the Shift key would flip the room upside down, turn background objects solid and push previously solid objects into the background. It was a premise that made sense to players the moment they shifted a room for the first time, and over the years since it’s received numerous ports and sequels. Shifting World is the series’ debut on a Nintendo system, and it does its best both to add new elements to the formula and to stand out from the earlier games. Unfortunately those new elements don’t work quite as well as the developer would like, and the entire game suffers from a careless execution. The story is that our mysterious main character has been summoned to the home of the equally mysterious Duke of Shadows, where he quickly finds himself trapped in an also-mysterious dimension for say it with us now  mysterious reasons. The game’s story is deliberately passive, with little in the way of development. That’s a positive thing, as it allows the puzzles and gameplay themselves to step to the fore. Or, rather, it would be a positive thing if the puzzles and gameplay were much better than they actually are. One of the early hallmarks of the Shift series were single-screen rooms that allowed you to see everything up front.


Release Date : April 26, 2012
Publisher : Aksys Games
Developer : Fishing Cactus
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 38MB


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