Secret Mysteries in New York [ 3DS CIA ]

Secret Mysteries in New York

Secret Mysteries in New York

Secret Mysteries in New York

There’s a real puzzle afoot in Secret Mysteries in New York, and it has to do with the game’s title itself. No, it’s not our attempt to figure out whether or not the phrase “secret mysteries” qualifies as redundant; it’s why the developers bothered to rename Secret Mysteries in London for its eShop release. The original game was a European retail title, and we suppose the publisher wanted to use a more “recognisable” city for the game’s release stateside. After all, it’s a well documented fact that nobody in North America has ever even heard of London…and even if they had, it’s doubtful that they would ever believe it’s a real place.

Secret Mysteries in New York

The only change between Secret Mysteries in London and Secret Mysterie in New York is the title. Even the specific references to London are left in the game, with scattered newspapers reporting on the crime-wave you’re investigating as taking place in Europe. Unless New York has seceded from the United States and returned to the British fold without telling anybody, we have to assume this oversight is evidence of a pretty sloppy attempt at rebranding. It’s unfortunate, too, because Secret Mysterie in New York is one of the better hidden-object titles in the eShop. It’s not without its problems, but such carelessness in the localisation reflects more poorly upon the game than it deserves. You mainly control Oscar Gaebelein, an All-American name if we’ve ever heard one. There’s a framing device regarding a modern-day reporter who is reading Gaebelein’s diary, but that’s just for structural reasons. Each stage is a room that you can navigate to some degree, and your objective is always to find specific items that are hidden throughout the area. The 3D effect on the top screen is nice and it’s put to some lovely use in the opening cinematic but it doesn’t contribute much to the gameplay itself.


Release Date : November 14, 2013
Publisher : Engine Software
Developer : Engine Software
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 89MB





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