Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 3DS CIA

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 3DS CIA

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 3DS CIA

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 3DS CIA

Introduces several new features not included in prior Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 3DS CIA games. While the top screen displays the main game, the bottom screen is used to display maps, KOs, and mission data. A player can switch between four characters during battle, switching the screen to their respective locations as well.Unlike previous titles, where the player chooses a hero and focuses on their story, in Chronicles the player chooses a male (wielding a dai-katana and rifle) or female (wielding dual swords) character which they play as a primary character in every story battle, following their own story and changing around different armies. Each battle also allows the player to have one-four (depending on the battle) side characters to switch between during the battle. Before a stage is cleared these are fixed on certain characters related to the story. Once the mission has been cleared once, the player can change these characters out to any character they have unlocked for free play. Every character taking place in a battle receives xp, and the weapons found during the mission are divided out according to the players choosing between these characters.

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 3DS CIA

The game’s story mode takes around 10 to 15 hours to see through on the first run, as you’re guided down a linear set of scenarios that shape Japan’s future. Two separate elements make up the story mode: events and battles. The former involves dialogue between members of the title’s large cast, while the latter consists of your classic Warriors gameplay, where you’re tasked with taking down enemy officers, capturing bases, and generally just tearing things up as a near unstoppable samurai. If you’ve played Samurai Warriors 4, then you’ll likely know what to expect. The aforementioned dialogue scenes flesh out each character quite well, and since your own custom warrior is included in most events, the game is able to instil a decent sense of belonging. This is especially true when you’re given dialogue choices, which determine the reactions of those that you’re talking to. Yammering with your allies before a big battle is an effective way to shine a light on the giant cast, and it’s surprising to see how much depth has been given to some of the less important personalities. Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 3DS CIA


Release Date : June 24, 2015
Publisher :
Koei Tecmo
Developer :
Omega Force
Region :
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