Samurai G 3DS CIA

Samurai G 3DS CIA

Samurai G 3DS CIA

Samurai G 3DS CIA

As Tetsuo, you must collect as much of Tengu’s Gold as possible before the evil Warlord Fuma’s assassins do. Tengu’s Gold is rumored to possess the power of Tengu, the harbinger of war himself! Activate Golden Mode to harness the power of Tengu’s Gold and see why this power must not fall to the wrong hands! Defeat Fuma’s assassins and avoid deadly traps on your quest to becoming the Shining Samurai. Samurai G 3DS CIA

Samurai G 3DS CIA

That’s the thing about Samurai G 3DS CIA ; you only have one life to live.  There are no checkpoints or 1-ups to find, this is a game about seeing how far you can go on one life.  To make things easier, the actual world of Samurai G never changes.  Bad guys will show up in the same spot every time, obstacles don’t move and all of the floating gold coins stay put.  This is a game about memorizing the run and getting better with each repetition. The single-life thing can be infuriating, especially when you first start playing Samurai G.  It won’t be uncommon for a full game to take no more than a minute, even when you start to pick up the intricacies of each stage.  Early games were dreadful, with my poor samurai getting pelted with every ninja star and tripping over all the various traps.  Thankfully it only takes a few tries to memorize the early stages, allowing you to play longer and see more of the game with each attempt. The problem is that I don’t find memorizing level designs to be an especially fun activity.  It’s not that my memory is poor, but rather that the repetition it takes to inch forward doesn’t hold my attention for very long.  The balance is all off here, to the point where I started to hate the game’s cheap and frustrating deaths.  The fact that an entire life bar can be wiped away in a snap by a large spike made me want to throw my handheld game system at the wall.  Thankfully the Nintendo 3DS is still in one piece.


Release Date : October 4, 2012
Publisher :
UFO Interactive Games
Developer :
UFO Interactive Games
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