Run Like Hell [ PSVITA VPK ]

Run Like Hell

Run Like Hell

Run Like Hell

You are a young and intrepid treasure hunter. Stuck on a godforsaken island suddenly got spot by hungry cannibals who haven’t had a lunch yet. Run Like Hell Your rescue boat is… on the other side of an island, all you need to do is to outrun the natives. Simple, isn’t it? Enjoy various & colorful locations and get surprised in procedurally generated levels.  Run as far as possible in endless ARCADE mode, challenge your friends in CHALLENGE mode and top the rankings in multiplayer modes.

Run Like Hell

If you ever make a mistake, however, you won’t simply die immediately; rather, you’ll be docked a few precious seconds, which can only be regained through perfect performance. Run Like Hell Power-ups are also littered throughout the levels which allow you to either speed up your own movement, or slow down your attackers. These athletic aids help to balance the difficulty, while also adding a neat, if slight, layer of strategy. There is certainly fun to be had with these simple mechanics. Indeed, timing a jump so that your intrepid hero rolls perfectly onto the top of a platform is incredibly satisfying. However, the controls aren’t always appropriately fine-tuned for the task. While you’ll certainly never feel like you don’t have proper control over the action, the whole exercise does feel a bit sluggish. What’s more, the levels in the title’s campaign mode are all much too long for their own good. with some of the worst offenders taking up to two minutes to complete. This is compounded by a lack of diversity, which often makes it difficult to tell which section of a stage you’re playing.


Release Date : September 16, 2014
Publisher : Mass Creation
Developer : Mass Creation
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 149MB


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