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Risk of Rain

Risk of Rain

Risk of Rain

An action plat-former with rogue like elements. With permanent death as a primary feature, players will have to play their best to get as far as possible. Fight on a mysterious planet with randomly spawning enemies and bosses, either alone or with 3 friends in online co-op. With over 100 items at your disposal, you will find the tools you need to find the teleport-er back home. Discover a myriad of randomly chosen stages, from the desolate forest to the frozen tundra.

Risk of Rain

Risk of Rain allows the player to choose 1 of the 12 characters to play, but for those starting the game new they will begin with the Commando. As you proceed through the levels more of the characters will be unlocked. Each character has a variety of skills for example; The sniper has a low rate of fire but puts more bang in each shot, the engineer fires off three grenades dealing large amounts of damage to those enemies caught in the path. Each character brings a different talent to the fight. This is where your friends can help you in the struggle for victory, have some of your friends drop in and reign down some pain on those evil creatures trying to prevent you from completing your objective, or if you want take them all on by yourself and be victorious the challenge is there. Risk of Rain gives the players the feeling of great power with each time they level up or each time they purchase an upgrade. This game does not have a set difficulty it merely allows you to set the speed of the difficulty. There is a timer in the upper right hand corner counting up keeping track of how long you can survive, as each minute passes the game difficulty slowly increases. As the difficulty increases, more enemies will appear on the map slowly growing in strength with each new adaptation of them.


Release Date : April 12, 2016
Publisher : Code Mystics
Developer : Hopoo Games
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 80MB






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