RiME is a stirring and enjoyable experience will not be news to anyone who has already played the game on other systems, or heard feedback from those who have. Sadly though, the Switch port does suffer from some irksome niggles which make it, on paper, perhaps the least pleasurable way to experience RiME. When playing in docked mode the resolution appears to be 720p, and while the game is undeniably handsome there are serious frame rate problems almost everywhere you look. When navigating some of the more detail-rich locations the game stutters quite alarmingly. In handheld mode, things are even more dire; the game is rendered at noticeably less than the screen’s 720p resolution, resulting in a fuzzy appearance that almost looks like a tub of vaseline has been smeared all over the display. Despite the significant drop in pixels the game’s performance is just as woeful – the stuttering got so bad at one point that it gave this reviewer motion sickness, as the delayed camera controls conspired with the wildly fluctuating frame rate to create a deeply unpleasant visual experience. RiME on other consoles could hardly be described as a faultless technical spectacle, but on Switch things are significantly worse. RiME’s modest length may displease some players, too. That’s quite short when you consider the amount of time it’s possible to invest in Breath of the Wild, but it’s not to say that RiME doesn’t offer any replay value; rather cleverly, the developers have made in-game collectables permanent, so if you don’t manage to get them all on your first play-through then you can seek them out on your second while retaining those you’ve already found.


Release Date : 14th Nov 2017
Publisher :  Grey Box
Developer :  Tequila Works
Genre: Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 7.3 GB


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