Retro City Rampage DX [SWITCH XCI]

Retro City Rampage DX

Retro City Rampage DX offers a wild ride, then, but there’s plenty to discover either in the process of a story playthrough or afterwards when given free rein in the city. In addition to all the fast-paced arcade-style missions you can get new hair styles, disguises and even find small ‘arcade games’ that recreate other Indie games. It’s a title packed with things to do, and even the ‘New Game+’ mode is a little off the wall.It looks terrific and controls nicely, and what Retro City Rampage DX has always done well is shake up gameplay without losing its polish. At times you’re jumping and stomping on enemies, on other occasions you’re in a death match against multiple gun-wielding foes; you could be on a driving quest, a jokey ‘follow’ mission and more besides. In riffing on retro games it also keeps things interesting with some fun surprises late on, in particular.
For some, the DX iteration took the edge off the cruel challenge of the WiiWare original, as it introduces tips while helping players with checkpoints and a lack of real consequence to dying. Look around in the options, though, and you can opt to play the original RCR game version, while also swapping the Graphics Mode between ‘Retro+’ – which you see in all these screenshots – and ‘8-Bit’. Even deeper in settings there are some fantastic visual filters – TV Simulation mode has optional borders like ‘Arcade Cabinet’, the Super Game Boy-inspired ‘Super Video Brick’ and more. You can also adjust zoom and apply retro-style colour filters that include the likes of ‘Blurst Processor’, ‘Pocket Handheld’, ‘Virtual Burn’ and a host of others.


Release Date : 3rd Aug 2017
Publisher :  Vblank Entertainment
Developer :  Vblank Entertainment
Genre: Action, Adventure, Arcade
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 390 MB


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