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Reality Fighters

Reality Fighters

Reality Fighters

Novarama’s not new to the concept of augmented reality: the Spanish studio’s been layering polygonal worlds on top of our bed sheets for years now with the Invizimalsseries, but Reality Fighters is a change of direction for the studio. The developer’s kicked out the cute creatures and laborious combat from its Pokémon-inspired series, and replaced them with deadly ballerinas and disco divas. Reality Fighters is about as kitsch as the PlayStation Vita’s likely to get, but while the title is desperately shallow, it’s also an enjoyable novelty while it lasts. Video games and humour often go together about as well as chalk and cheese, but Reality Fighters is a legitimate laugh out loud experience. At the heart of the brawler is a robust character creation suite that’s rich enough to realise your teenage dreams. Admit it, the thought of becoming a break dancing cyborg equipped with a rubber chicken kept you up at night during your formative years. Well now you can.

Reality Fighters

Using either the PlayStation Vita’s front or rear cameras, Reality Fighters is able to (rather convincingly) super-impose your mug shot onto a customisable polygonal character. From our extensive tests, the results are nothing short of staggering, with the game doing an impressive job of detecting your facial features and building them into the character design. There’s no need to spend time fiddling with knobs or sliders; it detects everything it needs from a single photograph. We’re not sure what kind of witchcraft Novarama employed to make it work, but we’d love to see the feature return in as many games as possible. Once you’ve taken a snap, you can kit your newly created double in as much (or as little) clobber as you like. Outfits lean in the more whimsical direction, with accessories such as bunny ears and eye patches being the typical type of goods on offer. As you play the game you’ll earn stars, which act as the game’s main currency system for unlocking further costumes and goods. Some outfits are locked to the PlayStation Vita’s Near application, so you’ll need to make frequent use of the location-based social network service in order to pick up hidden goods when you’re out and about.


Release Date : February 22 , 2012
Publisher : Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer : Sony Computer Entertainment
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 408MB






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